All our projects fall under three focus areas: education, youth empowerment and community development.

Our consulting and professional development work helps to fund these projects, as well as our youth leadership and mentoring initiative within the Changemakers program, which allows us to involve young people in the design and delivery of these projects. Find out more about all our projects here.



From #HipHopEd to teaching through folktales, our education projects combine academic rigour with energy and creativity. All our projects are designed in line with the CHANGES Curriculum Framework, which places an emphasis on 21st century skills. Find out more about our education projects here.

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Community Development

We take a whole-of-community approach that involves working directly with young people, while working strategically and systematically across the community (educators, parents, families, community agencies) to create the deeper shifts in culture that ensure long-term change. Find out more about our community development projects here.


Youth Empowerment

Youth participation and leadership is at the heart of all that we do. Our projects are designed for young people, by young people, and seek to amplify the voices of other young people. Find out more about our youth empowerment projects here.