We have a specialised range of opportunities for young people looking to develop their skills as the next generation of community and educational leaders.


Stage 1: Volunteering/Student Placement

Our Volunteer/Student Placement Program is open to anyone with a passion for the work we do and a willingness to work hard and develop their own skills. All volunteers have (free) access to our specialist training program and resources on best practice approaches to community engagement and project design.

The Volunteer/Student Placement Program is an ideal first step for anyone who is considering applying for an Internship or Community Fellowship with us.

If you are interested in participating, click here to submit your Expression of Interest.

Stage 2: Changemaker Internship

Our Changemaker Internship is a competitive internship program for young people with a demonstrated interest in education, youth empowerment and/or community development initiatives. The Internship provides participants with specialist training, project management experience and opportunities to develop a range of skills that will be useful in their careers.

Stage 3: Community Fellowship

Our Community Fellowship is a highly selective program for young people who have already demonstrated significant leadership, creativity and initiative in community and education settings. The Community Fellowship is a tailored skills development and mentoring program that allows Fellows to build their professional skills and develop their professional network.

Stage 4: Junior Consultant

Once participants have honed their community engagement and sector development skills, we invite them to apply to join our core team in providing consulting and professional development services to not-for-profit organisations, government agencies and socially responsible businesses that are seeking to more effectively reach the communities they are seeking to support.

Stage 5: Senior Consultant

After an initial period of solidifying their own professional skills as a Junior Consultant, participants are invited to apply for a Senior Consultant position, which requires them to provide leadership to other members of the core team.

Stage 6: Partnership

Our fundamental aim in the work we do with young people is to see participants of the Changemakers Collective arise as leaders to work independently in leading their own team to achieve their unique vision for educational and social innovation. At this stage, we continue to provide support to our Changemakers by working in partnership with them on any initiatives that are in line with our vision for supporting communities.

Stages 1 to 5 of the Changemaker Journey provides participants with opportunities for skills development, mentoring and employment - all while serving as an incubator for them to develop and test their own ideas and to build relationships with others than they can potentially collaborate with.