What is our secret to effective community engagement and collaboration?

(p.s. It’s not actually a secret - we really want to share this with you!)

Reaching _Hard-to-Reach_ Communities.png

We embed processes of inquiry and dialogue into all stages of our project delivery, in a constant effort to better understand the needs within communities.

This involves better understanding:

  • unmet need;

  • unidentified need; and

  • how to ensure more culturally relevant and appropriate responses to need

We ensure high levels of sustained engagement by creating meaningful and empowering opportunities for participation.

We find creative ways to harness the strengths of individuals and to build their capacity to create solutions with us.

We are alert to opportunities for exciting and impactful innovation, by making the most of the expertise that exists within communities.

Our focus on holistic approaches ensures high levels of sustained engagement, through the delivery of creative community initiatives that align with the needs, interests and priorities of community members.

Our whole-of-community approach is also a key factor in the effectiveness of our approach. Our education, youth, and community development projects are all interconnected and allow us to work strategically across the community (young people, schools, parents, agencies) to create the deeper shifts in culture that ensure long-term change.

We focus on contributing to a culture of collaboration, in pursuit of our vision of a connected sector. We recognise the need for us to combine our expertise with other organisations’ and communities’ areas of expertise, in order to be more effective in our work.

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